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About Us
Racked is a new London based theatre collective. We are a group of like minded theatre practitioners who, after working together on several projects, have now formalised ourselves as a company.

If Andy Warhol and William Shakespeare got married and adopted a third-world child, we would be that child.

We believe that theatre need not have rules, as long as it’s good. We’re not seeking to define theatre or push our philosophy of what it should be, we just want to make challenging, exciting, entertaining, provoking theatre and have fun. Our work may draw from the current zeitgeist or from the structure of classical works, and has an emphasis on text-based new writing. As the company grows, the long term goal is for us to be a collective of artists across various mediums: music, visual art, and drama.

We Are

The company is working, has worked, or will work with the following artists:
Megan Ford (Racked Artistic Director, Writer, Actor); Aaron Paterson (Director); Alison O'Donnell (Actor, Director); Eleanor Matsuura (Actor); Janey Lawson (Actor, Writer); Meghan Leslie (Actor, Visual Artist); Martin Murphy (Writer, Actor); Jamie Griffith-Jones (Actor, Writer); Becci Gemmell (Actor); Sian Hutchinson (Actor, Writer); Edmund McKay (Designer); Colin Goodwin (Writer); Shell Suits and Opal Fruits (DJs); William Bartlett (Graphic Designer); Charley Radcliff (Producer)


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